Welcome "IN"

Welcome "IN"

The coveted "IN". Knowing where to be, who to meet, and what's happening when others don't. I got over my case of FOMO long ago, but I'll never recover from the joy of feeling "IN".

The Multiple Listing Service or MLS is a aggregated database of residential properties. Everyone has access to the MLS. It's public knowledge. But some properties are peddled privately due to privacy or convenience. 

The MLS populates Realtor.com, RealEstatewithBeck.com, and most syndicated websites (although not all syndicates update properly). Then there are member-only networks and word-of-mouth marketing that occurs when an industry of professionals exist. 

Long story short, because we work with other Realtors, builders, and homeowners every day, we bring the "IN" to you. 

Get "IN" with us and our team will help you make a simple decision out of more options. 

We currently know of several properties ranging from $365-$795k brand new construction with great floor plans in varying locations that are not listed in the MLS.

Call us today for details!