BECK Philosophy + Core Values

BECK Philosophy + Core Values

Real Estate with Beck

What is Beck? Beck is my father's surname and my mother's married name. Beck was given to me when I was born and because of it I was raised to look at life through a kaleidoscope. It's a perspective. Beck is a way of life. 

Beck means to have faith in yourself, your family, and your God; to acknowledge your potential, exceed your expectations, and tweak your perspective when all else fails. Beck is a promise to do right by others and right by yourself.  

Real Estate with Beck means to practice this philosophy while managing real estate. Real Estate is a karmic product. So if you're not down with the woo woo, we may not be right for you. 

Our mission is to reach good people and help acknowledge their best life through making moves and homeownership. 

Core Values:

Motivation - What inspires you and what you can you do to inspire others?

Focus - How can you accomplish what you are working on as efficiently as possible?

Gratitude - Who can you thank or what can you be thankful for today?

Growth - What do you need to do today to make tomorrow better?

Integrity - - the quality of being honest and having strong moral principals

Whether you're a long time homeowner, first-time buyer, or a trade who offers great service, we look forward to welcoming you into our community and home. Let's raise the boat!