Homestead Exemption & Important Dates

Homestead Exemption & Important Dates

Homestead Exemption Form here

If you applied for homestead last year or any year prior, you needn't apply again.  

As a homeowner, there are several property-tax exemption opportunities. The most common exemption is Homestead. The Homestead Exemption applies when your house is your primary residence. 

Property taxes are paid in arrears. Last year's property taxes are due by January 31st. Penalties will begin accumulating on February 1st(!). 

Check with your mortgage banker before sending payment. It's likely your taxes were already paid with funds from your escrow account. 

Texas counties will send your assessed property value to your house between April and May. 

Assessed value - homestead = taxable value * tax rate = property taxes due

For help calculating your property taxes, to dispute and possibly reduce your assessed value, or for an update on your market value contact Amanda Beck directly at 512-539-9736 or by sending an email to [email protected]

Protests are due May 31st.

Learn more about tax exemptions at Comptroller.Texas.Gov.