Dream Big, Baby.

Dream Big, Baby.

That exciting moment you reach your savings goal, have a 640+ credit score, and receive approval or hit the lottery and now you’re ready to find your dream house.

You’ve driven the neighborhoods, contacted your Realtor, lined up your ducks and you’re ready to pull the trigger. Suddenly, you feel a warm sensation in your back pocket... It’s your wallet burning a hole while waiting for that 1 in a 1000.

That’s what your Realtor is for, right? To serve up houses on silver platters? Well, sort of right.

We're here to help you navigate real estate websites and search tools to condense and identify exactly what you're looking for. Working with us will help you understand neighborhoods, property types, what you like, and don't like, and what you can't live without. We’ll leave no stone unturned while also saving you time and energy because there's method to the madness.

"Winning” the contract at the right price is our next hurdle. Rest easy that one of our favorite elements is negotiation because we're good at it. We'll go to bat and keep you updated every step of the way. We present options, opportunities, and solutions, while you make decisions. 

In addition to searching the active market, I propose that I’ll call owners who are not (yet) sellers. If we get nitty, gritty with your search we can identify the exact street you want to live on and a house that makes you swoon. Owners often have circumstances and all they need is a little encouragement (and a buyer) to make a move. Now we’ve created opportunity by asking for what you want. Houses are transferred in this way all the time.

Here’s my point...

When you’re ready to buy a house, you have two options. Sit back and wait for opportunity to knock or go out and make it happen. I know what it feels like to be ready to settle into a home and I’m of the opinion, it never hurts to ask. If fortune favors the bold, let’s go bold! This is Texas after all. 

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