Annual VIP Party 2017

Annual VIP Party 2017

It's similar to that feeling you get when you know everyone in the room or you walk in your front door and think, 

"This is mine." 

To acknowledge yourself or another is to be grateful and I am so grateful for you. 

Gratitude is why we host an annual homeowner party. We want to see your face, introduce you to other awesome homeowners, and share a client experience with your friends and family because we think of you as family at Real Estate with Beck. 

Chad and Trenton are brothers who relocated from Arizona. Chad purchased real estate with Beck in 2015 and we anticipate working with Trent in 2018! It's nice to be friends, but to accomplish something together is next level.

Like throwing a party at Celis Brewery; we needed tickets, wristbands, print-outs, the list goes on and on and these are things I would have never accomplished without Barbara. 

Barbara joined Real Estate with Beck as a client. She has acquired two Austin properties since we met and most recently she became our official Closing Coordinator. Barbara brings a lifetime of experience as a former Realtor, lender, and owner of a title office on the east coast. Then a client, now an associate and friend thanks to real estate! 

For most, real estate is a home and investment. Our team sees real estate as a vehicle. We are in the business of helping people buy and sell property because we love working toward achievement with all the wonderful like-minds we meet. 

Take Amanda and Lauren; Amanda and I met in a parking lot crawfish boil in 2014 and while her real estate search is only just beginning, she introduced me to Lauren. 

Lauren moved into her brand-new house earlier this year. 

October of 2016, Caitlyn and I met for the first time. While she wasn't a client, it was her former clients who introduced her to our broker. We knew we would create something together and in spring of 2017 I encouraged her to hang her real estate license sooner than later. Today, we're partnered up, ready to rock and roll! Her clients are mine and mine are hers. It's a two for one; someone will always be available to you. 

Real Estate is our method of connecting and serving people through life experiences like marriage and promotions. We're here for you through tax assessments, home repairs, remodels, general maintenance, nosey neighbors, and all the glories that come along with homeownership. 

As our team grows, our experience becomes richer and we want you to know that you are #1 in our family.

On behalf of Real Estate with Beck and SWBC Mortgage, thank you. Let's make 2018!

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If you have less than a glowing review for us, please contact Amanda directly via [email protected] or 512-539-9736. 

Thank you!